English Composition 105-114 Composition I
Composition I emphasizes fluency, thesis-driven organization, the use of supporting details, and research techniques. Writing is approached as a recursive process that includes prewriting strategies, drafting, revising, and editing. The course helps students shape writing to serve readers' needs and define a sense of purpose in their writing. It also gives students strategies for reading college-level material.

Section Name: ENG-105-114
Departments: Com-Foreign Language & Writing
Prerequisites: Take COM-781, ENG-061 or ESL-083, or equivalent assessment score. Complete with Minimum grade D-
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Arts & Sciences, Concurrent Section HS Fac, Hybrid Courses
Credits: 3
Comments: Face-to-Face class time in addition to WEB content. WEB content is anytime/anywhere, unless specifically noted here. Check Canvas and Instructor Syllabi for specific class requirements and deadlines. 
Books: To Be Determined